Top 3 Best Antiviruses to Protect Your Computer

Although the technology of the computer is developed every day, the kinds of viruses still become one of the threats of it. Yes, we all know that there are many kinds of the viruses, which sometimes will decrease the performance of our computer. Viruses will destroy the programs of our computer. Sometimes, viruses will duplicate the program and we do not know where the original is. In other hand, it also will erase the program or document and we will lose our file! The best solution to keep the well performance of computer and the safe of documents from viruses is by using the antivirus. I have several kinds of it below.


Top 3 Best Antiviruses to Protect Your Computer
The first kind of the best antivirus, which you can make it as your favorite is AVG. Yes, AVG is one of the great antiviruses with its complete programs. What make this antivirus great is it is free to download. You will be easy to find the free version of the AVG in the internet. Although it is free, you will have many accesses with the features of this antivirus. With the friendly interface, users will be easy to use it in their daily. In other hand, it also has the low size, so you do not need to worry about your storage of the computer.


Mcafee becomes the second kind of the great antivirus, which can be the great choice to protect your computer from the harm of the virus. This antivirus is special because it also has the spyware in the same program with the antivirus. This feature of the Mcafee will help you to maintain the well performance of your computer and trying to find the new viruses. Mcafee also has the great features, such as the quarantine of the virus, so you can maintain the activity of it. In its interface, the manufacture applies the elegant design, which will pleasant you when operating.


I think everyone has known about this antivirus. Yes, Norton is one of the great antivirus with the nice running to keep the safe of your computer. In common, this antivirus becomes one package when you install your new laptop. Norton has two series of the antivirus, the Norton antivirus and the Norton internet security. Those series are best but when you want to have the extra protection, such as the protection of the surfing internet, I think it will be best for you to install the Norton internet security.

There are some kinds of the antiviruses, which can be the great choice to keep the safe of your data in your computer.

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