Some Guides Of Buying Shrimp

Did you know that American people consuming more shrimp than salmon? I am very surprised when I hear this news. I thought that American people prefer to eat salmon than shrimp since salmon is containing so many good things. I think they have done this thing in purpose. People do not mean to not like salmon. The main reason because of this reason is might be because of the price or they just their personal taste.  I basically prefer to pick some shrimps rather than salmon is because of its price and easy to be grilled.

Yeah, the best way to enjoy of shrimps is putting it on your grill or just smokes it, the process is pretty easy to do and it does not take much time to do. There is no way to miss it and that is maybe why people love to consume this food.  Picking a shrimp is pretty easy to do like what you have always done on picking vegetables. But still, there are some good information that you have to know about it. I live on the east and i always end up on buying imported shrimp. Does it matter for us? Let’s find out.

Should I Go With Local Shrimp

As far as I know finding a local shrimp is pretty tough to find. Like I said, I basically live on the east and I still end up of buying imported shrimp. You could still find some of them here, but it is probably just run out in flash.  It is much going to be harder if you live on the other area. Imported shrimp is the only thing that you could depend.  Ninety percent of stock of shrimp in America is coming from outside. You could easily find where they are from just by looking on its label. Many of them are coming from Southeast Asia such as Thailand, Philippine, and Indonesia. So which one is better? There are not too many different between both of them. They are having good quality and the imported one is usually cheaper.

Fresh Or Frozen

You could go with the fresh one only if you are lucky enough to get it, but picking a frozen one is actually not bad enough. You have to know that shrimp still having a good condition even though they have been frozen for month. Do not bother yourself on picking this one because it is not a tough problem.  Just be careful on finding of seller that saying it is fresh and sell it higher because it is just fake. They usually have been frozen so that is the same.

Head Off Or Head On?

There is no different between of these two things beside than its look. You could go with the head on as long as you want to make it cool on your plate.  I personally just smoke it on my Bradley smoker and I do not have any problem with it. Like I said, it is not a big problem as long as you do not mind with the look and the heads could be tasty when you want to mix it with your soup.  That could be your consideration on picking it.

Shell On Or Shell Off?

Most of shrimps that you could find on the market are coming with shell on.  Choosing a shell on is better since it could protect the meat on the inside. It might have been frozen before, but it is always better to pick one with shell on since we do not know what kind of things has been exposed to it. Plus, it is much fun when you eat it directly from the shell.  My son just loving it and he cannot stop from doing it.


Size is actually not matter here since you are not going to but it per size, but per pound count.  Any size from small to big is good as long as you do not want to grill it.  The process would be better if you pick it big if you want to grill it.  Bigger is better when it is coming to the grilling.


That are some nice information that you have to know on picking shrimp. Some information from the size, the shell on or off or where it is coming from are good to be considered.  Picking any of them should be done as long as you what to be considered.  You soon are going to find a good one easily since the shrimp is easy to be noticed when it is good or not.  Shrimp is able to store for such a long time better than with fish. So having a much stock and then freeze it is such a nice idea to do. At last, thank you for your time and see you again.

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